We work with brands and agencies to create brilliant audio and video content

Founded in 2020, Front Ear is a boutique audio and video production agency, based in the UK but operating worldwide. We work with agencies and brands to make podcasts and audiovisual content for leading players across B2B and B2C industries.



We cover every step of the journey, from ideation to distribution, simplifying what can be a confusing process and ensuring that the content we create gets in the ears of the right people at the right time.

While it's tempting to jump straight in with creative ideas, we believe in starting the process with a clear understanding of the target audience and competitive landscape. We conduct in depth audience and market analysis to determine where the biggest opportunity exists, who we want to engage and how best to tap into our audience's practical needs and emotional triggers.

Having identified where the opportunity lies, we work both internally with our clients and externally with creative talent to cultivate an original and compelling idea. We then validate the concept, road testing it with a sample of our target audience to ensure it resonates with prospective listeners and viewers.


With the right idea signed off, it's time to produce something memorable. Our recording expertise, bespoke musical arrangements and post-production edit suite mean every episode is of the highest quality. We're capable of recording just about anywhere, whether you're on the other side of the world, trudging through muddy fields in the rain or in our London studio.

There's no point in making something if no one's going to hear it. That's why we don't hold back when it comes to distribution and marketing. We ensure the content we produce appears on every major platform (complete with eye-catching artwork), while each episode is accompanied by marketing assets, including social videos and imagery. We are also able to manage advertising and sponsorship where needed.


Why Podcasts?

You’ve heard it a thousand times already, but podcasts are blowing up.
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

15 million 
weekly listeners

15m UK adults were listening every week in 2021 - a 33% increase on 2020 - and this isn’t about to slow down, particularly as older generations begin to migrate away from traditional radio to podcasts.

Brands are beginning to catch on to the potential opportunities that podcasts present. The unique way they’re consumed - often whilst doing other activities like commuting or exercising - is enabling brands to engage their audience in moments that were previously considered unreachable. 

Moreover, podcasts allow targeted messaging in a seamless and unobtrusive way that doesn't infringe on the listening experience. And critically, great podcasts engender credibility and trust among listeners, with 78% of UK podcast listeners interacting with brands mentioned on their favourite shows.

The key word here is 'great'; no one wants to listen to an hour-long advert, and no one is interested in something that's been done a hundred times before. The challenge is to create something that fans and followers of brands actively want to listen to, and cutting through in a busy space. Get it right and the rewards are huge: your customers become your champions and connect with you on a much deeper level, creating a huge positive impact on brand warmth and loyalty.

Who we are

Front Ear was founded in 2020 by David Cantello and Nathan Copelin, ex-marketing agency colleagues who bonded over a shared love of all things audio.

Nathan is an experienced audio engineer whose previous roles include editorial and production positions with Vice and John Brown Media, where he helped develop podcasts for some of the UK’s most well known brands. Nathan heads up Front Ear’s production and distribution services.


David’s background is in insight and strategy, having begun his career in strategy consulting before moving into the world of branded content as Head of Insight at John Brown Media - a position which saw him develop audio content strategies for several leading B2C and B2B brands. At Front Ear, David leads the company’s insight, strategy and creative services.


A small but versatile team, Nathan and David work with a network of editors, producers, designers and musicians to create top notch audio and video content.


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